Marvell Technology Group Ltd, Santa Clara, Calif, announced its fully integrated 3D printer system-on-chip (SoC) and software solution platform. Marvell’s platform is based on the company’s 88PA6120 SoC, a hardware development kit and Linux-based software development kit. The SoC solution platform is designed to help drive 3D printing into mainstream applications, including dental applications, by enabling customers to bring full-featured 3D printer products to market and enhance the end user 3D printing experience.

Some key features of Marvell’s new 3D printer development platform include:

  • Marvell’s 88PA6120 SoC;
  • 533MHz ARM v7-compatible processor;
  • Dual, real-time microprocessors for customizable motion control;
  • Rich user interfaces with touch-LCD support;
  • Integrated 10/100 PHY, USB, DRAM, SD, and eMMC;
  • Multiple motor controls and print-head interfaces;
  • HW encryption support for IPSec and SSL;
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth options, including Marvell’s 88W8801 Avastar® Wi-Fi SoC;
  • Full-featured Linux SDK, including real-time 3D motion control, Ethernet, and WiFi network stacks, LCD user interface, and board support package;
  • Development tool support; and
  • Flexible hardware development platform with connectivity options for multiple 3D printer designs.