Adena Health System, Chillicothe, Ohio, and the Rehwinkel Dental Society Friday recognized late orthodontist Lee Butler, DDS, with a memorial lecture in his honor. The Lee M. Butler Memorial Lecture titled "Recognizing Orthodontic Problems in Children — 50 Years of Observation" was held at Adena’s PACCAR Medical Education Center in Chillicothe, according to the Chillicothe Gazette.

Mark Shuter, president and chief executive officer of Adena Health System, presented a special token of remembrance to Butler’s family on behalf of Adena Health System and the Rehwinkle Dental Society.

Butler served as a community dentist at his private practice in Chillicothe from July 1978 until his death, according to the Gazette. He was involved in a number of civic organizations and including his time on the Adena Medical Center Board of Trustees. Shuter recognized Butler’s leadership, commitment, and dedication during his time on the board that helped benefit the health care needs of patients and local communities.