Roncone Orthodontics International (ROI) is offering a new strategic consulting service. The service is designed to help practices struggling with a range of issues, including the stress of patient scheduling, marketing tactics that don’t result in new patients coming through the door, high overhead, and cases that finish too quickly.

Over the course of 10 months, the consulting service provides three 4-day sessions—a total of 12 days of course work—as well as an in-office visit of 2 to 3 days. In addition, participants will receive a full marketing program, written specifically for their practice; a scheduling and treatment coordinator course; training programs for each staff area; a checklist method for running an orthodontic practice; and scripting for each possible patient interaction.

The strategic consulting service also includes continuous communication, including bi-monthly interaction with the practice for a period of 1 year.

The service is open to a limited number of practices and a declining discount percent payment program is being offered. The first two practices to sign up receive an 18% discount, while the following two will receive a 15% discount, and then the next two a 12% discount, and so on to 10%, 8%, and 5%.

For those who sign up by April 21, a private consultation can be set up at the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla.