solutionsbydesign_montageSolutions by Design, Clovis, Calif, is offering a number of special offers on its Montage 2.1 in-office digital signage program. Montage allows practices to stream office news, games, social media sites, and educational information for patient viewing.

The majority of Montage content is distributed over the Internet and streamed to an in-office display. Users can choose the set-up and manage content display. Included in the package is a 42-inch touch-sensitive LCD display, Sling Box, camera, CPU, speakers, and mount.

Montage 2.1 features a cable TV feed; a stock ticker; and blog scroll. In addition, the system offers practice specific options, including:

  • Retainer Acrylic Color Selector: The new Acrylic Retainer Widget allows patients to browse their options at a touch.
  • Elastics Color Selector: The Elastics Engine provides at a touch selection of elastics with alternating or varied upper and lowers.
  • Reviewer: Patients can rate service, make a comment, and post it online while in the office.
  • Gallery Feature: Favorite cases can be featured in large screen mode. Montage enters into a collage mode rotating images in display.
  • Rewards Hub: The Practice Genius Rewards Hub login is also available for Reward Hub users.

The company is offering special pricing to new users and free upgrades for existing users who renew their existing contract. The offer expires August 15, 2014.