Defend_Glider-Envelopes-NEWMydent International, Hauppauge, NY, now offers DEFEND Plus Glider Barrier Envelopes. The envelopes feature a unique “glider” loader/sealer, allowing users to quickly and easily “glide” PSPs into the envelope.

According to the company, upon peeling off the loader’s tab, the envelope “practically seals itself.” When x-rays are completed, the center seam allows the user to tear open the envelope and start the developing process without touching the plate.

DEFEND Plus Glider Barrier Envelopes can be used with most systems on the market.

The product is available through most dental dealers in size #0 and #1, coming 100 per box, and size #2, with 300 per box.

The company is offering free samples, which can be requested by visiting or calling (800) 275-0020.