Nagarsoft, Torino, Italy, has introduced Direct Access 2.6 text expansion software. According to the company, Direct Access sits in the background, ready to speed up daily work by turning a few characters (a defined "abbreviation") into full sentences, correcting spelling mistakes (in seven languages), and inserting long or hard-to-remember terms.

The software also operates as a universal application launcher, allowing users to type an abbreviation to launch an application, open, or automatically query a Web site. Direct Access is designed to work in any application.

Version 2.6 has Windows 7 support (both 32- and 64-bit). It also features a clipboard history and a rich text editor that allows users to insert pictures and formatted text. Users can also share and synchronize data among different PCs, and use macros to insert the current date and time, reuse a piece of text, or insert special characters.

Direct Access can be used for contracts, reports, tech support messages, medical prescriptions—any text that requires the typist to turn a short abbreviation into any paragraph. The Direct Access Usage Statistics report presents details data on how much time (and how many keystrokes) have been saved using the application.

Direct Access 2.6 costs USD $49.95 for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to free technical support and free updates for 1 year. A free, fully functional, 21-day evaluation copy is available from the company.