Share A Smile, Huntington Beach, Calif, a charity that provides major dental and orthodontic procedures to those in need, has launched its first official fund-raising campaign. After years of accepting donations informally, the organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is aiming to expand its outreach to affected children.

Established in 2005, Share A Smile has recruited volunteer children’s dentists and orthodontists. The organization devotes 100% of all donations directly to dental or orthodontic care.

To be considered for a Share A Smile grant, candidates need to be examined by a participating dentist or orthodontist, who then determines whether major dental/orthodontic services are required. Applicants must be without dental insurance or have coverage deemed insufficient to pay for the necessary work over a 2-year period. Applications for the current calendar year will be accepted in July and August. 

Among the Southern California dental professionals currently volunteering their time are Mark F. Maxwell, DDS; Matt Nisco, DDS; Noland Soo, DDS; and Steven P. Underwood, DDS.