OrthoRelief LLC, Hastings, Neb, has begin marketing the gumEase® Dental Cryodevice© to orthodontic practitioners and patients for use as a fast-acting, drug-free, reusable method to relieve patient pain and discomfort resulting from brace adjustment procedures.

Greg Van Skiver, Cofounder of OrthoRelief, said that the company has fiield-tested the device as a way of easing pain after orthodontic adjustments. He added, "The results of these tests clearly demonstrate the efficacy of gumEase as a drug-free alternative for brace adjustment pain management."

To use the device, patients freeze it and then follow insertion directions. The device can be refrozen for multiple uses. According to the company, the device works by "near freezing" the nerve fibers so that the nerves temporarily stop transmitting pain impulses to the brain.

gumEase is available in a Pain Pak Ziploc envelope of three individually wrapped, sterilized devices for patient use. Professional packages of 10 or 100 devices are also available.

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