NetPlay Software, Wollongong, Australia, has released Instant Demo Studio v8.0, a Windows screen recorder that creates interactive movies for presentations, demonstrations, and training.

Instant Demo Studio creates screencasts in the Adobe Flash format and supports callout text, hotspots, voice narration, and background sound. Interactive hotspots are designed to give the viewer complete control over the pace of the presentation.

The new version introduces multiple EventLine editing, which represents each frame not as a discrete fixed unit of time but as a unique visual event in the video. Because screencasts typically contain periods of little or no screen activity, particularly when something is explained, the upshot is that far fewer frames are required to represent the video on the EventLine, making it easier to navigate.

Multiple EventLine editing allows the management of several presentations within a single workspace. This allows for cutting, copying, and pasting between projects. Exporting to Flash or AVI can be done from any EventLine. The editor can also be customized for both clip size and color, providing a work environment to suit the needs of the author.

Instant Demo Studio v8.0 runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. You can download a free trial version here.