DoctorsEyesOnly optDoctor’s Eyes Only: Exclusive Financial Strategies for Today’s Doctors and Dentists, written by Tom Martin, Paul Larson and Jeff Larson, partners of Larson Financial Group, addresses the financial needs of doctors, including orthodontists, while providing critical advice about asset protection, tax planning, and contract negotiation. The book advises orthodontists on how to best safeguard their money, manage risks, plan for retirement, enrich family life, and the best manners in which to manage their practices.

While Doctor’s Eyes Only advises young doctors about contracts, disability insurance, and how to handle money, it also advises veterans about protecting their financial earnings as well as their family life by avoiding destructive workaholic habits. Furthermore, the authors point out the need for doctors to share their talent or wealth with those in need in the world.

Doctor’s Eyes Only: Exclusive Financial Strategies for Today’s Doctor’s and Dentists is available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions.