Western Dental Services, Inc, Orange, Calif, opened a family dentistry, specialty, and orthodontics office in Gilroy, Calif, on July 30—during the city’s famous Garlic Festival.

Tam Tran, DDS, MS, a managing dentist for the new facility, told festivalgoers, "To have fresh breath and also avoid tooth decay, try sugarless breath mints or gum. And even if you think you have ‘garlic breath,’ don’t put off your visit to the dentist," he said. "We’re breath professionals."

The grand opening of the office introduced the facility and staff to area residents. Festivities included a live remote radio broadcast and DJ, food, drinks, children’s activities, and a supply of sugar-free mints and chewing gum.

Garrett Criswell, DDS, MS, is the managing orthodontist of the new practice.