Kolibree, New York, has introduced its new smart toothbrush and advanced Kolibree app for kids.

The Kolibree sonic toothbrush features 3D motion sensors and connects via Bluetooth to the Go Pirate 2 app, a smart toothbrush game for children, and Coach, a preventative dental care reminder tool for adults.

With the Go Pirate 2 game, proper brushing is rewarded through scores, badges, and advancing age-based levels. The game’s leaderboard enables “friendly family competition,” according to the company. In addition, the dental hygiene tool tracks frequency, regularity, and quality of brushing to monitor dental hygiene habits, while the Check Up tool gives a visual view of areas missed while brushing and the Reminders tool allows users to set alerts to remind them to brush twice a day.

The Kolibree toothbrush can be used offline and brushing data synced at a later time.

The Go Pirate 2 game and personalized Coach features are available for iPhone users and compatible with iOS 9 and Apple Watch. Current Kolibree users automatically receive app updates.

Android app updates are planned to launch later this year.