A pair of orthodontist brothers in Southern Pines, NC, have instituted a community service discount to encourage their patients to volunteer. The brothers, Jase Olsen, DDS, MS, and Justin Olsen, DDS, MS, of Olsen Orthodontics, allow patients who do volunteer work in the community to earn up to 5% off their orthodontic treatment through their “Smile Together, Serve Another” program.

“The response has been really favorable. People matter. Things don’t. We’re not perfect or self-righteous. We just want to build something a little different and special that reflects who we want to be. I won’t miss that 5% when I’m 70,” said Jase in an interview with The Pilot.

For every hour of community service, program participants receive a $10 credit, allowing them to reduce the cost of treatment.

“We wanted to financially assist people who invest in their treatment,” Justin said Olsen in the same interview. “I think when kids are invested, they’re more likely to put in the effort. I think parents like the program because they want their kids to learn those values.”

Patients who participate in the program are also asked to write a 1- to 2-page essay about their volunteer experience.