Midmark Corp, Versailles, Ohio, introduces SmartSim™, a dental simulation bench. The SmartSim is designed specifically for dental and orthodontic schools.

The bench features a triangular shape and modular structure, and can be used as a simulation bench, multimedia station, and student workplace. It can be used by one person or a small group.

SmartSim has a retractable mannequin to recreate patient positioning for users. The mannequin has double articulated joints, allowing for a range of inclination even at 90-degrees. When not in use, the mannequin can be stored underneath the countertop, allowing the workspace to be used for other activities.

SmartSim is available in standard and base model configurations. The standard configuration is equipped with both doctor’s and assistant’s instrumentation. The doctor’s instrument holder contains a high- and low-speed handpieces and a 3-function syringe with space for an optional fourth instrument such as a turbine or scaler. The assistant’s holder includes a saliva ejector, HVE, and the option to tie into a central suction unit or its own individual suction. The base model configuration is equipped with an instrument holder on the doctor’s side and a left-side storage unit with two open shelves and optional locking doors.

In addition, Midmark offers Easy Teach, a classroom collaboration software that provides video transmission from the instructor’s station to all networked simulation units, allowing the instructor to monitor and collaborate with a single student or group of students. It can be installed on existing simulation units.

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