is an Internet service that allows an unlimited number of patients to fill out their HIPAA forms, personal and insurance information, and medical/dental histories online in the privacy of their homes. Practices can link the forms directly from their Web site or can use this service without having a Web site. According to the company, using the site saves valuable staff time and provides legible forms.

Patients can print a copy before they submit, at which time the practice gets an e-mail notification that a patient has registered; a staff person can go to a password-protected account and either view, print out, or download completed forms in PDF or JPEG format into the practice’s computer or electronic patient folder.

Practices can validate the patient’s insurance coverage and "red flag" any medical problems before they arrive. The software allows the use of an orthodontist’s custom forms for a one-time setup fee of $249, with a monthly charge of $18.95.

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