The PLANMECA ProMax® 3D System from Planmeca USA, Roselle, Ill, has been certified by OraMetrix Inc, Richardson, Tex, for integration with SureSmile® technology. SureSmile technology transforms cone beam scans of the mouth and teeth into 3D computer models for orthodontic planning and treatment. PLANMECA has certification for its ProMax 3D system using Romexis Software version 2.1.1 or later with 15bit DICOM support enabled.    

Orthodontists can now take a PLANMECA ProMax 3D system scan of the patient’s mouth, face, and jaw, and use this data in the SureSmile system for control of treatment through virtual diagnostic simulations, quality grading tools, prescriptive planning capabilities, and robotic archwire customization.
PLANMECA and the i-CAT are the only two cone-beam scanning systems certified by SureSmile.