StemSaveTM Inc, a market leader in the field of stem cell recovery and cryo-preservation, has partnered with Hu-Friedy’s online dental hygiene community, Friends of Hu-Friedy, to offer a new CE course on the role dental professionals can play in both the recovery and future use of stem cells.
The class was developed in collaboration with StemSave’s president, Gregory Chotkowski, DMD, OMS, and is titled: "Stem Cells: Emerging Medical and Dental Therapies and the Dental Professional." StemSave and Hu-Friedy are making the course complimentary to registered members, known as "friends of Hu-Friedy," until the end of October.
Since the National Institutes of Health’s recent discovery that a powerful class of stem cells exists in teeth, the dental community is now in a position to provide an invaluable function in the development of medical regenerative and personalized therapies by preserving stem cells of patients.
“Stem cells are driving an array of emerging medical and dental therapies, and it is important that the dental community understand the role it can play,” Chotkowski said.
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