PracticeWorks Systems LLC, Atlanta, recently donated 20 KODAK RVG digital radiography systems to Mercy Ships, a global charity that operates ships providing medical and dental care to residents of developing nations. The intraoral sensors are already in use at mobile clinics and onboard the Africa Mercy, the world’s largest charity hospital ship, to provide digital x-rays for patients receiving dental care during the ship’s 9-month deployment to Benin, West Africa.This donation helped Mercy Ships to convert its dental operatory from radiographic dental film to a digital environment.

The Africa Mercy contains six operating rooms, an intensive care unit, and ward space for up to 78 patients. Volunteer dentists, physicians, surgeons, and medical staff from more than 30 nations serve on board.

“One of our challenges here at the field setup is how can we perform x-rays," said Dr. Dag Tvedt, Mercy Ships’ chief dental officer. “We had some self-developing x-rays, but it was inconvenient and took a long time. Then PracticeWorks graciously donated their RVG digital sensors so we have x-rays within a few seconds. And, of course, whenever we are more efficient, we can see more patients.”

Mercy Ships provides medical and dental care from ships and also operates portable clinics that are set up in adjacent villages to serve residents who are unable to travel to the ship.