PreXion Inc, San Mateo, Calif, introduces DataServer/PX, a DICOM-conformant storage system for the management and archiving of patient data that has accumulated over time through the use of the company’s PreXion3D CBCT x-ray system.
According to the company, DataServer/PX integrates with the PreXion3D scanner system and allows for the storage of up to 2 terabytes of data (equivalent to 6,000 CT scans), which can be retrieved for 3D viewing at any PreXion3D network workstation. 

All images and data stored on DataServer/PX are accessible to network client workstations using PreXion’s image analysis system and 3D viewer interface. DataServer/PX integrates into an existing PreXion3D installation, and the company claims that this allows users to view 2D or 3D images from the server as quickly as if they were on the local workstation’s hard drive.

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