Pulpdent Corporation, Watertown, Mass, has launched a new Web site that offers clinical information and case studies, as well as in-depth information about Pulpdent’s products for dental professionals. The Pulpdent Web site includes articles and other educational content, news and event updates, and product information. Product pages include a product overview, instructions for use, an MSDS sheet, and, in many cases, related articles and studies, frequently asked questions, and illustrated step-by-step clinical procedure instructions.

“We wanted the Web site to be informative and easy to use,” said Ken Berk of Pulpdent in an announcement about the site. “But above all, we wanted it to be a place dental professionals will enjoy coming to. It’s like a dental amusement park." 

Visitors to the Web site can sign up to receive the free Pulpdent informational e-newsletter and access an archive of past newsletters.

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