Sirona Dental Systems announces an exclusive offer available to all infiniDent users. The inCoris NP restorations are now available for $19 per unit (regularly $29 per unit).

inCoris NP is an alternative to all-ceramic restorations. It is a high-strength, nonprecious CoCr-material (cobalt chrome) suitable for copings and large-span bridge frameworks up to eight units.

“Sirona is dedicated to the ongoing growth and improvement of infiniDent service offerings," said Norbert Ulmer, director of Dental Laboratory Applications at Sirona. "The addition of inCoris NP is another example of how we strive to provide clients with the highest level of functionality, support, and value in the industry."

inCoris NP metal frameworks are fabricated using 3D rapid prototype metal printing technology (laser sintering). However, inCoris NP restorations are made using the same scanning and design techniques used with all materials through infiniDent. Frameworks created out of this material have a more homogeneous microstructure (>99% homogeneous) than conventionally cast metals, with virtually no structural tension.

These frameworks can also be veneered with all porcelains for nonprecious metal alloys (CTE 14.2). At 1300 mPa yield strength (versus ~900 mPa for conventionally cast metal), the end result is a substantially stronger framework than conventionally-cast metals. In addition, inCoris NP is free of nickel and beryllium and is nonallergenic.

For more information, visit www.inLab.com.

[Sirona Dental Systems, November 20, 2007]