According to a survey by an insurance company, more men than women practice healthy dental habits at the office. The survey found that two in five men either brush or floss their teeth at work after a meal or snack, while a number of women find the practice inappropriate or impolite.

“It would seem obvious that anyone who is concerned about their teeth would pick up a toothbrush or some dental floss at the right time, which would be after a meal,” says Richard Goren, DDS. “But clearly the perceived social awkwardness of being seen brushing your teeth outweighs that concern.”
Only 26% of women said they would brush their teeth at work, and just 22% would floss. However, nearly 90% of all respondents said there was a strong connection between overall physical health and dental hygiene.

Lack of coverage is the foremost reason why those without dental insurance limit their visits to the dentist, the survey notes. Among consumers without insurance, 73% said they don’t visit the dentist regularly because they are without coverage. The survey also found that seven in 10 adults visit the dentist at least 1 time a year, and 35% go once every 6 months.

[ThePittsburghChannel.com, December 9, 2006]