The Anaheim Group, publisher of Dentalfax Weekly, offers the 2008 Dental Market Data Disc.

The disc includes information on companies, products, patents, trends, 510(k)s, financial data, lawsuits, acquisitions, acquisition data, and implant market shares. It includes 7 years of dental industry reviews (2001–2007); 6 years of dental industry metrics reports (2002 and 2004–2008), and DentalFax Monthly issues from 2003 through September of 2008. The Dental Market Data Disc is $395.

The company is also offering a 50% discount on the China Connection Specialty Reports, compiled using product information from more than 300 firms that exhibited at the 2006 FDI Meeting in Shenzhen, the 2007 Sino Dental Meeting in Beijing, and the 2008 South China Expo in Guangzhou. The Specialty Reports are product-specific and each specialty report is provided on a separate disc in Word and PDF formats with sample pictures of the products as well as contact information. Each report is $52.50 when purchased with the Dental Market Data disc.
To order the Dental Market Data disc with or without the China Specialty Reports, call (714) 543-8007; send a fax to (714) 547-5125 or (714) 547-6257; or e-mail [email protected].

[The Anaheim Group, September 25, 2008]