OP Votion Bracket SystemSIZED The Votion Bracket System from Tampa-based Ortho Technology Inc is available in Roth and McLaughlin, Bennett, and Trevisi prescriptions. The system utilizes metal injection molding technology to achieve complex bracket structures and contours. The result is a low-profile bracket with time-saving features, such as built-in anti-rotation in Ortho Technology’s version of the Roth prescription, rounded archwire slot contours to prevent archwire notching, and a vertical scribe line that runs the entire length of the bracket. In addition, the company has redefined the finishing process to create a bracket with a more brilliant shine.

According to Ortho Technology, three elements were crucial in the design of this system: clear visual cues, effective friction reduction, and high patient comfort. Votion Bracket System allows doctors to take advantage of these features through improved practice productivity.