According to an article from, the World Federation of Orthodontists has compiled a list of 11 orthodontic certifying boards serving the speciality of orthodontists.

The list was compiled by the WFO’s Committee on National and Regional Orthodontic Boards. Dr Roberto Justus, chair and committee member of the WFO Executive Committee, said the list increases awareness of the importance of boards in elevating the standards of orthodontic practice.

“In addition, by providing the boards’ Web site addresses and contact information for committee members and board presidents, fellows can learn more about the boards and the examination criteria of how orthodontic cases should be finished. They can then compare their own results with the recommended standards and, hopefully, incorporate these standards into their practices," Justus said.

Next on the list of projects for the WFO is to establish prototype guidelines for orthodontic board bylaws and examination criteria that would assist in the formation of new boards.

The list compiled by the WFO is as follows:

• American Board of Orthodontics;

• Australasian Orthodontic Board;

• Brazilian Board of Orthodontics;

• European Board of Orthodontics;

• French Board of Orthodontics;

• German Board of Orthodontics;

• Italian Board of Orthodontics;

• Mexican Board of Orthodontics;

• Philippine Board of Orthodontics;

• Taiwan Board of Orthodontics; and

• Thai Board of Orthodontics.