Practice consultant Roger P. Levin, DDS, CEO and founder of Levin Group, is back to talk you through the recovery process. He updates his recovery timeline discussed in our previous video and then breaks down the three phases. He explains how Phase 1 will be all about addressing the pent up demand created by weeks, even months, of office closures, and why building revenue during this phase is so important. Then, he walks you through Phase 2, which will be marked by declining production as the number of new patients drops. Levin talks about the four factors that will affect this phase and what numbers you need to track every day to reinvent your practice. Lastly, he talks about Phase 3. In this phase, your orthodontic practice will be focused on recovery. Levin explains why he thinks this phase will last longer than he first projected, and then provides strategies to help you navigate it, including the nine key performance indicators you need to focus on during your business turnaround. OP

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