Steven P. Weiniger, DC, an expert on posture and anti-aging as well as rehabilitation and biomechanics, has released Stand Taller ~ Live Longer: An Anti-Aging Strategy to show healthcare and fitness professionals how to progressively build daily posture exercise routines. The book is written to help users reach a variety of crucial goals:

• improving posture;
• increasing and maintaining activity within the aging population;
• eliminating pain; and
• increasing flexibility.

The 7-week program detailed in Stand Taller ~ Live Longer combines research with interactive demonstrations and embodies the philosophy "Use it to keep it." The program takes 10 minutes per day.

Weiniger (pictured at left) is a continuing education instructor for New York Chiropractic College, and has instructed for UBCC, Dekalb College, and Clayton University. He currently serves as managing partner of, an online resource offering a referral directory and comprehensive information about posture, exercise, chiropractic, and massage.

The book can be ordered online here.