Hu-Friedy, Chicago, has partnered with the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) to raise scholarship funds for the continuing education of dental hygienists. The money raised by the “Nevi Canadian Tour 2012” will be put towards the Hu-Friedy CDHA Nevi Scholarship.

In 2011, “Nevi,” a mascot resembling Hu-Friedy’s Nevi 4 posterior sickle scaler, raised $1,000 for each state he visited in the United States during the “Host Nevi Tour 2011.” In 2012, he will travel around Canada from April to October, visiting dental practices, schools, and special events. The “Nevi Canadian Tour 2012” can raise up to $10,000.

In addition to attending CDHA events, there will be opportunities for Nevi to stay with “hosts” in different cities. Nevi’s hosts will be chosen from requests sent in by members of Friends of Hu-Friedy, Hu-Friedy’s online community for dental hygienists. Chosen hosts are asked to take Nevi around their hometown—from local monuments to their dental practice or school—and photograph him throughout his stay. After each visit, Nevi’s hosts can share their photos and experiences on Nevi’s Facebook page.

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