INBRACE_smartwireINBRACE, Irvine, Calif, has launched its national certification training program with its first course, “Introduction to Programmed Non-Sliding Mechanics.” The course will be held May 17, 2019 at The Cove, the University of California at Irvine’s Applied Innovation Center.

The training program is aimed at helping to improve national availability of INBRACE.

The company will announce a full certification training schedule for 2019 in June.

The first course will focus on the innovations that set INBRACE apart from other orthodontic treatments, according to the company. The INBRACE digital platform enables patented Smartwires to be programmed and personalized for each patient’s unique smile. INBRACE is designed to eliminate mechanical friction and features non-sliding mechanics that are intended to deliver continuous, low-force tooth movement.

“The clinical benefits of using gentle forces to move teeth have been known to orthodontists for years, but no solution has been able to do so consistently until INBRACE,” said Matthew O’Connell, senior vice president of sales for INBRACE. “We estimate that INBRACE delivers as little as 5 grams of force to move teeth, giving the body time to adjust and naturally retain healthy roots. These critical differences make INBRACE an entirely new treatment category within orthodontics.”

Information about the training program is available at