The building that currently houses Sadowski Orthodontic Associates in Pottsville, Pa, had some interesting personalities before John P. Sadowski, DMD, came across it, 8 years ago.

The 6,500-square-foot facility was first a shooting gallery and then a law office. When the building, located in the heart of Schuylkill County, became available, Sadowski thought the space was perfect for his second orthodontic office. But before he could open the doors to area patients, a significant amount of planning had to take place to transition the interior of the building into an inviting and functional orthodontic practice.

Sadowski worked with his wife to develop a theme for the new office, and together they took their ideas to the late Warren Hamula, DDS, MSD, of Colorado Springs, who had designed more than 600 offices worldwide.

Sadowski_3Years prior, Sadowski attended a seminar given by Hamula regarding office design. “I really liked what [he] had to say about office layout and functionality, so my wife and I flew to Colorado Springs to meet with him,” Sadowski recalls. “We brought the blueprints of the building and worked with him for 2 days on developing the overall flow and plan.”

For the Sadowskis, one aspect was prevalent in their design goals: longevity.

By the time Sadowski acquired the office space, the building had already had a couple of different looks and purposes. Thus, he was adamant about designing his office with staying power in mind.

“I think having a consistent theme that maintains the same look gives your patient base a feeling of longevity,” he explains. “We wanted to make the type of reception and treatment areas that would be appropriate for multiple age groups, and that would also be timeless. We didn’t want anyone to look at us in a couple of years and think the decor is outdated and needs to be redone.”

Pulling from her childhood memories of days spent on the beach and sailing, Sadowski’s wife, Kathy, conjured up a nautical theme and applied it to every area of the interior’s design.

Sadowski_4“Having one theme throughout the office provides an aspect of neatness for the patient,” Sadowski says. “It’s a plan that was well thought out versus just throwing different ideas all over the place. And it complements the flow of a functional setting.”

Working with a local interior designer, David Joseph, the team put into action their cohesive vision for the new space.

“First, I wanted a ‘wow’ effect,” Sadowski notes. “I wanted it to be fun. I wanted a place where patients could come to appointments and not be bored—where they could be entertained while there and then be moved to talk about it after they left.”

To help create this environment, Joseph commissioned the design of a number of poignant nautical themes throughout the space, including “flying fish” and an appropriate color palette full of soft greens, browns, and aquatic blues. However, it’s the front desk that garnishes the most “wow effect.”

Sadowski_1“When we told him of our idea of doing a nautical theme, David Joseph decided he wanted to make the front desk look like the back of an old Spanish galleon,” Sadowski explains.

In addition to the ship’s stern, other awe-inspiring features in the office include an original mural designed and painted by renowned artist, Dave Naydock. The Sadowskis were fans of the Pottsville native who returned to the city in his adult career. Naydock painted a number of murals in and on businesses and community centers throughout Pottsville. Since his passing in 2013, fans of his work gather each year on May 29—Naydock’s birthday—to tour his work throughout Schuylkill County in an event that’s known as Dave Day.

Sadowski Orthodontic Associates, with its nautical-inspired, Naydock hand-painted mural, is a revered destination for fans of the late artist.

“The look and theme of our office is aesthetically fun, and it has a great functional flow,” Sadowski notes. “From the reception area to the treatment center, and back again, the fun, cohesive look of the office makes it an enjoyable place for patients to visit and for our team to work in every day.” OP

Lori Sichtermann is a freelance writer for Orthodontic Products. She can be reached at [email protected].