My Tooth Media is now offering autocomplete optimization to dental specialists, including orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, and pediatric dentists. The technology is designed to link clinics with select keywords and phrases for search engine optimization. When a person begins typing one of the selected phrases or keywords, the autofill feature on popular search engines will suggest the name of the practice.

The autocomplete optimization technology is positioned as a less costly alternative to SEO and pay-per-click advertising for practices trying to achieve first page ranking on Google and Bing. According to My Tooth Media, both of those techniques can cost thousands of dollars each month, and the new system is designed to be less expensive and more effective.

When a person begins a new search for “orthodontist near me,” Google considers a variety of factors to suggest a list of possible search strings through autocomplete. The feature is designed to make the search process more convenient, and Google states that a large percentage of searches are now completed by clicking on one of autofill’s suggestions.

My Tooth Media states that by promoting dental practices and specialists in autofill, it puts them in front of potential clients before SEO or pay-per-click advertising take effect. When a person clicks on the name of the practice, it is likely to be one of the only results on the first page, as no other practice in the area will have the same name.

“Through our unique autocomplete optimization technology, your dental practice will be presented as a suggested term to potential patients before they ever have an opportunity to come across your competition,” stated a company representative in a release. “If you are looking for a huge advantage over your competition, then find the best keyword phrases in your industry and own the search results.”

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