Orthoease™, Oden, Utah, a provider of practice-management software for orthodontists, will soon introduce a completely new pay structure. Beginning on January 15, 2008, orthodontists will no longer pay a one-time fee to purchase Orthoease’s software. Instead, Orthoease will offer the same software through a monthly subscription plan. Clients will not be charged a monthly support fee, and they will be informed of free software upgrades as soon as they are made available.

"Over the last 7 years, we have seen a lot of clients that really want to purchase practice-management software but cannot afford the large purchase price," said Faisal Naveed, Orthoease’s CEO. "In addition, we get clients purchasing Orthoease after they invested in some expensive system that wasn’t right for their practice. We also hear about clients getting stuck with an outdated system without the possibility of getting upgrades, and the company they are dealing with has poor customer service. This leaves the clients with no option but to walk away from a system that they paid top dollars for and buy a new one."

Naveed added that Orthoease’s new subscription model will address all these issues and lower the client’s risk level. "If they cannot afford a large purchase price for software, they can still get one with our monthly subscription," Naveed said. "If they are stuck with software that is really not for them, they can make a change without writing a $30,000 check again."

For clients who purchased Orthoease under its old pay structure, nothing will change. Their contracts remain valid the way they are, and if they are paid in full, they will be required to pay only their monthly support fees as indicated in their contracts.

Under the new monthly subscription plan, there is no setup fee. Orthoease will provide free initial training with the purchase. Any additional services requested will be billed on a per-hour basis.

For more information, visit www.orthoease.com.