Handpiece Experts and ProDrive Systems have launched a certified service program—a seal of quality assuring dentists that their handpiece service provider meets national guidelines. According to the companies, these quality practices improve overall handpiece performance and durability, and reduce annual service costs.

Handpiece Experts provides local service that includes parts, repairs, and maintenance. Handpiece Experts’ service programs include monthly services, mobile on-site emergency repair, and mail-in services. Handpiece Experts’ certified dealers also offer handpiece maintenance training programs to teach dental office staff to improve handpieces care between service calls.

Handpiece Experts is part of the ProDrive group of companies, which also includes High Speed Service, North America’s largest mobile, on-site handpiece repair service. The patented ProDrive System includes a triangular drive bur and chuck handpiece upgrade that improves handpiece cutting speed and accuracy. The Handpiece Experts Certified Dealer network is part of a combined product, dealer, and service strategy to resolve dental handpiece performance and durability challenges.

"Dentists own an average of seven handpieces, and virtually all these handpieces fail in some way every year, making dentists’ most important instrument also their main source of frustration. Handpiece Experts quality certification is a tangible and immediate solution to this dilemma," said Jean Castonguay, president and CEO of Handpiece Experts.

"Our ProDrive product system has leveraged patented innovation to resolve chronic handpiece performance problems," she continued. "Now, with the launch of Handpiece Experts, we provide dentists confidence and peace of mind that local Handpiece Experts Certified Dealers will improve the reliability and performance of their handpieces. This is ensured by our national guidelines for products and services. Currently, we have over 90 High Speed Service dealers across North America—a solid foundation for our objective of 400 Handpiece Experts Certified Dealers nationwide within 18 months.”

For more information, visit www.prodrivesystems.com, www.handpieceexperts.com, or www.highspeedservice.com.