shutterstock office_manager_optIn its annual office manager report, 1-800-DENTIST reveals that while social media has gained importance among dental practices, it is still being significantly underutilized. A national survey of dental office managers indicates that 75% of respondents currently view social media as key in the success of the practice, and more than 90% engage in some form of social media or online reviews.

And while the time spent on these activities has increased more than any other practice responsibility in the last 2 years, 42% of respondents felt that the time being spent on social media is not enough. While Facebook was named as the top marketing area on which respondents spend more time, the social network, along with Twitter and LinkedIn were each still identified as receiving too little time. More than 65% of dental office managers add that the importance of receiving education about online marketing and reviews has increased and is more important now than in previous years.

The American Association of Dental Office Managers co-sponsored the report.