FUTUDENT_EDUCAM_112816Futudent, Helsinki, Finland, has released a new dental video camera, called EduCam. Designed to be mountable from a variety of locations, the high definition, zooming camera can capture still and video images from outside the mouth.

Mounting options include loupe- and lamp-mounted, as well as a flexible arm option. Loupe-mounted captures exact point of view, features hands-free operation, and matches the loupe field of view. The lamp-mounted option allows for stable filming and a wider view option, and is ideal for aesthetic images. With the flexible arm, again, the mount provides stable filming, but it also allows for close-up filming and requires no USB tether.

The EduCam’s MultiMount features a no-tools connection system and a removable cable, allowing for easier transitions of the camera from one angle to another. Each EduCam dental camera package includes both loupe and chair light connections.