Ziegler Practice Transitions (ZPT), Cincinnati, Ohio, has developed a new webinar series, specifically designed for practicing orthodontists interested in hiring an associate, bringing in a partner, or selling their practice. ZPT’s Senior Webinar Series covers the topics that practices need to understand when it comes to these issues, such as initial planning, the appraisal process, how to find a potential buyer, document drafting, receiving funds at closing, informing staff and patients, and when to get started.

The webinars are available for free and can be attended as often as wanted. There are several dates scheduled throughout the summer for each of the four webinars in the series. According to the company, registration information is kept private. In addition, webinar attendees can participate in webinar Q&As by text or chat anonymously.

Previously, ZPT’s webinar series had focused on educating orthodontic residents on orthodontic practice transitions. This new Senior Webinar Series is geared toward practicing orthodontists.

For more information about the webinar series and to register, visit zptortho.com/seniorwebinars.