i-CAT_FLX_MV_Lefti-CAT, a brand member of the KaVo Kerr Group, recently launched the newest addition to its family of cone beam 3D imaging products, the i-CAT FLX MV.

i-CAT FLX MV is a medium-field-of-view system that captures up to both arches and the temporomandibular joints in 3D. It features Visual iQuality™ advanced image technology, providing i-CAT’s clearest 3D and 2D images, according to the company. In addition, it provides lower dose scan options, including QuickScan+.

The i-CAT FLX MV features SmartScan STUDIO™ touchscreen, which allows for selection of the appropriate scan for each patient; i-PAN for capturing traditional 2D panoramic images; and integration with CAD/CAM programs.

The cone beam 3D imaging system comes with Tx STUDIO™ 5.3—the latest version of the treatment planning software, with enhanced tools for impacts, oral surgery, endodontic procedures, airway analysis, and TMJ.

i-CAT FLX MV features an open software architecture, allowing for integration with orthodontics systems, CAD/CAM programs, imaging software, and practice-management programs.