Attendees at the Dolphin Meeting this month in Destin, Fla, got a firsthand glimpse of Aquarium, the company’s new interactive patient-education software. “Aquarium is the first product of its kind to really make full use of high-quality 3D animation,” says Chester Wang, Dolphin’s managing director. “3D is the most effective means of conveying complex topics.”

The education and case-presentation library of fully rendered 3D graphic movies can be used to demonstrate diagnostic findings, corrective procedures, appliance use, symptoms, and more. “The software is so simple—and fun—to operate, everyone in a practice can use it,” Wang adds. Technical features of Aquarium include automated updates via the Internet, network sharing, dual monitor support, and operation on both traditional and wide-screen monitors of any size and resolution. Dolphin Aquarium ships this summer.

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