Align Technology’s new iTero Lumina intraoral scanner features a wider field of capture in a smaller and lighter wand.

Align Technology announced the launch of the iTero Lumina intraoral scanner with a 3X wider field of capture in a 50% smaller and 45% lighter wand, to deliver a faster scanning speed, higher accuracy, superior visualization, and a more comfortable scanning experience, according to the company.

“Today we’re excited to introduce the next generation of iTero scanning technology that pushes the boundaries of what the industry has come to expect from a scanner,” said Karim Boussebaa, Align Technology executive vice president and managing director for the iTero scanner and services business. “iTero Lumina creates a new standard in digital scanning that achieves exceptional clinical outcomes through more detailed data capture and highly accurate, photorealistic images; increases practice efficiency with an effortless, faster scanning experience; and delivers an elevated, more comfortable experience for clinicians and patients.”

Designed with iTero Multi-Direct Capture technology that replaces the confocal imaging technology in earlier models, the iTero Lumina scanner:

  • Has a wider field of capture and multi-angled scanning that enables simultaneous capture from multiple angles making it possible to capture more dentition in a single uninterrupted movement, and deliver smoother, faster, and more accurate scans
  • Has a larger capture distance of up to 25mm, to better scan complex oral regions such as narrow or deep palates, edentulous spaces, and partially erupted teeth with minimal maneuvering
  • Captures more data and greater detail while delivering higher scan quality and photorealistic 3D models that remove the need for the bulky digital cameras and cheek retractors required for traditional intraoral photos
  • Provides an better scanning experience with improved ergonomics and comfort, and helps remove adoption and utilization barriers
  • A smaller and lighter wand to improve the patient experience, particularly for kids and teen patients.

“It’s exciting to reveal the iTero Lumina intraoral scanner, designed to meet the needs of doctors and their patients, including a smaller wand with data capture capabilities and the potential to redefine what scanners can do,” said Arie Eshco, Align Technology vice president, global product, marketing, and services, for the iTero scanner and services business. “With iTero Lumina, the iTero tools and features that practices use every day with their orthodontic and comprehensive patients – tools like Invisalign Outcome Simulator, iTero Occlusogram, iTero TimeLapse, and the recently released Align Oral Health Suite – are enhanced with faster, more efficient, and photorealistic image capture, making iTero technology an invaluable part of digital treatment.”

Photo courtesy of Align Technology