The 3Shape Model Maker app can convert digital impressions from the 3Shape Trios into dental models.

3Shape plans to introduce its new Model Maker app, Dental Practice Management Software integrations, and 3Shape Automate innovation at Lab Day 2022.

Model Maker enables both 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner and 3Shape Studio apps users to instantly convert digital impressions into dental models. 

Model Maker’s automated workflow is powered by AI and cloud technology and converts TRIOS scans to models in minutes. 

The app is free and includes 3Shape TRIOS and TRIOS Design Studio, Splint Studio, and Implant Studio.

The 3Shape Unite platform now integrates with Dental Practice Management Software. Dental professionals can set up their practice management integrations through the Unite Store. 

The integration automates patient management with Unite and avoids manual errors like filling in forms twice. The integration saves steps and opens Unite directly from the practice management system for faster, more efficient workflows.

3Shape Automate is an AI-powered 24/7 design service that provides dental designs for crowns and nightguards. 

Geared to dental lab technicians needing to cope with rush periods and overflow orders, 3Shape Automate is a completely automated service. 

Dental technicians provide their material, manufacturing, contacts, occlusion preferences, and Automate sends back a dental design in as little as 5 minutes. The technician can accept the design, edit it in 3Shape Dental System, or decline the design at no cost.

Image courtesy of 3Shape