The scanner features a slim, cordless design and uses the CS Scan Flow software, which can be used in conjunction with CS Model+ v5 for orthodontic treatment planning. 

Carestream Dental has released its new CS 3800 intraoral scanner. Designed in collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche, the scanner features a slim, cordless design. 

The CS 3800’s field of view (FOV) has been enlarged to 16 mm x 14 mm to allow for easier capture of interproximal areas and sub gingival margins and to improve soft tissue scanning. The CS 3800 also features a 21 mm depth of field. 

The scanner can be moved from operators to operators and combined with the new CS Voyager trolley and AIO medical-grade computer. 

The CS 3800 joins the CS 3700 and CS 3600 as the flagship scanner in Carestream Dental’s intraoral scanning portfolio. 

The scanners uses the CS ScanFlow 1.0.4 software, which includes indications for restorations, implant-borne restrictions, orthodontics, sleep devices, and dentures. Once an impression is captures, it can be exported from CS Scan Flow to any number of platforms or modules, according to the company, including CS Model+ v5 for orthodontic treatment planning and designing clear aligner models. 

A standard version of the software is available with the scanner. Clinicians have the option to upgrade to the premium version.