RAY_RAYSCAN-Alpha-Plus_CT_fullshot3-1LED Dental, a subsidiary of LED Medical Diagnostics Inc, Vancouver, BC, has launched the RAYSCAN Alpha Plus, the company’s next-generation extraoral imaging system. The RAYSCAN Alpha Plus is the latest from the former Samsung Electronics subsidiary RAY Company.

The RAYSCAN Alpha Plus builds on the RAYSCAN Alpha, and allows clinicians to capture high-resolution panoramic, cephalometric, and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) images. The panoramic modality allows for a variety of 2D panoramic examinations, including standard pano and segmented pano acquisitions, in addition to an extra oral bitewing feature.

The CBCT modality of the RAYSCAN Alpha Plus features a light-guided field-of-view that is designed to simplify patient positioning and reduce errors and retakes. The desired field-of-view is superimposed on the patient’s face, allowing dental professionals to see the exact area being scanned in relation to the patient’s actual anatomy. In addition, the system utilizes FREE FOV technology, which makes the field-of-view fully customizable from 4×3 cm to 16×10 cm. The RAYSCAN Alpa Plus allows practitioners to collimate the field-of-view to any size, helping limit radiation exposure to the smallest area possible to still acquire the needed anatomy, according to the company.

The CBCT modality delivers voxel resolutions as small as 70 ?m. New proprietary algorithms allow for images to be reconstructed in as little as 4.9 seconds.

An optional cephalometric module is available in either scanning or one-shot options, with the one-shot module acquiring images in less than 1 second to further reduce image distortion and lessen radiation dose.

The RAYSCAN Alpha Plus is available through LED Dental.