PaXi3Dgreen180Vatech America, Secaucus, NJ, has released a new imaging system called PaX-i3D Green. The system is part of the company’s PaX-i3D brand of cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) systems.

PaX-i3D Green has three important qualities, according to Vatech America: it has ultra low radiation levels while still providing a quality image, it is eco-friendly, and it is FDA-cleared for pediatric use.

The system includes:

  • 49.5 micron full-digital CMOS sensors providing clear 3D images at only a 5.8 second scan;
  • A 3-in-1 capability, providing Ceph, Pano, CT all in one; and
  • Horizontal and Vertical collimation to target specific regions of interest.

PaX-i3D Green can take 3D images at a lower radiation dose than 2D images, while maintaining the image quality, the company said. The system was manufactured using eco-friendly quality control measures to eliminate hazardous substances from the devices and reduce its environmental impact, according to Vatech America.

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