PracticeWorks Inc, Atlanta, the exclusive maker of KODAK Dental Systems, introduces the KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System, which enables dental professionals to obtain low-dose, high-resolution 3D images, as well as panoramic images.

 This "two-in-one" system is designed for dental professionals who regularly perform complex diagnostic, restorative, surgical, and endodontic procedures. According to the company, its user-friendly design, intuitive software interface and compact footprint—similar to that of a traditional panoramic unit—make it easy to implement in any practice.

"The KODAK 9000 3D system can be considered a new category of imaging system, providing the advantages of high-resolution, relatively low dose, limited volume 3D imaging at an affordable price," said Allan G. Farman, BDS, PhD, Professor of Radiology & Imaging Science at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. "It is also a fully
functional digital panoramic system that permits careful selection of regions of interest where high resolution 3D imaging will improve patient diagnosis and treatment.”

Rich Hirschland, President of the Worldwide Dental Business for Carestream Health, added, "While the system can meet the stringent requirements of specialists, it’s also ideal for general practitioners who are increasingly performing more complex procedures as part of their daily practices."

The system’s localized field of view limits irradiation of the patient and reconstructs an area of approximately two to three teeth in extraordinary detail, resulting in increased image accuracy and more detail per tooth. The voxel (VOlume piXEL), which represents a quantity of 3D data similar to a pixel representation in 2D data, features an edge size (or minimum slice thickness) of 0.076mm—providing 3D images that are among the highest resolution in the industry.  

The KODAK 9000 3D System is scheduled to be generally available for purchase in the United States and Canada in the second quarter of this year.

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