kavokerr-OP3dKaVo Kerr, Brea, Calif, announced the latest addition to its ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH family, the new KaVo OP3D. According to the company, the OP3D, an upgradeable pan, is a low-dose, customizable imaging solution for any practice. Users can choose from panoramic to cephalometric to 3D imaging with the  unit.

The KaVo OP3D panoramic model includes a wide variety of views, including standard panoramic, pediatric panoramic, and TMJ  Bitewing. The KaVo OP3D upgradeable pan can be integrated with KaVo CLINIVIEW  and VixWin imaging software or a wide range of industry-standard imaging software packages. According to the company, by utilizing the proprietary ORTHOfocus feature, the optimum panoramic layer is automatically obtained.

Each purchase of the upgradeable panoramic KaVo ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP3D comes with a 5-year warranty.