TRIOS Share allows 3Shape’s wireless TRIOS intraoral scanners to be connected with any PC in a practice.

3Shape has introduced the TRIOS Share solution that enables dental professionals to scan and plan on every PC in a practice with a single TRIOS wireless intraoral scanner.

With TRIOS Share, staff and orthodontists no longer need to have one operatory dedicated to intraoral scanning.

TRIOS Share allows uses to walk from room to room with TRIOS in hand because the TRIOS scanner (wand) connects to the internet through a wi-fi connection. Anyone on the team can use any PC to scan with and manage cases on, including practice management system PCs.

TRIOS Share can be activated for free with every TRIOS Wireless scanner, making it easier for a practice to scan every patient and build a digital patient library.

“TRIOS Share takes wireless intraoral scanning to a whole new level. You now cover your entire practice with just one scanner,” said Rune Fisker, 3Shape senior vice president for product strategy. “Anywhere you have internet and a PC, you can use your wireless TRIOS. Other brands may be wireless, but only our award-winning 3Shape TRIOS wireless intraoral scanners deliver real wireless freedom.”

TRIOS Share was originally developed for the recently launched TRIOS 5 Wireless intraoral scanner. But 3Shape has made it available on every TRIOS wireless model, including TRIOS 3 and 4 wireless.

The TRIOS wireless scanner connects to a practice’s wi-fi network. Then, using one of two scenarios, users can either mirror the screen from the original TRIOS PC to every PC in the practice using Splashtop or have multiple TRIOS scanning PCs that connect to your practice’s network.

Extra 3Shape licenses are not needed, and wi-fi hubs or clear paths to them are unnecessary. Because TRIOS runs on standard wi-fi and not 60 GHz connections.

Photo courtesy of 3Shape