Ortho2, Ames, Iowa, has released the Patient Reward System for both Edge and ViewPoint.

The Patient Reward System allows users to calculate points and track rewards the practice offers as incentive to motivate patient attendance, treatment cooperation, and oral hygiene.

Patients can trade the points they earn by completing common treatment activities for prizes from users’ offices. According to Ortho2, this use of positive reinforcement helps motivate patients to be prompt to their appointments, scheduling their next appointment while in the office, filling out online forms, and even keeping their 6-month dental checkup.

The system allows users to keep a ledger of points awarded and redeemed for each patient. Users can even reward points for specific tasks patients accomplish, such as good grades, community service, or a sports award. Using the subgroup feature, offices can award a group of patient’s points for a task.

The system also features a patient rewards card. Patients swipe their rewards card to view how many points they have, and to see a list of prizes currently available. With a click, patients can then request a prize from the system.

In addition to offering complete practice management, imaging, and communication systems, Ortho2 also offers several independent modules including Edge Imaging, Premier Imaging, and Edge Animations.