PracticeWorks Systems LLC, Atlanta, has installed a fully functional dental operatory at its headquarters. The system was installed to enable employees, customers, and partners to gain training on the latest digital solutions for achieving a chartless, all-digital workflow. The operatory utilizes PracticeWorks’ technology including KODAK practice-management software (PRACTICEWORKS, SOFTDENT, ORTHOTRAC, and WINOMS CS software) and KODAK digital imaging systems. Featuring customizable workflow configurations to address specific practice and student requirements, the operatory will be used for employee and partner training as well as for hands-on customer education as part of PracticeWorks users’ conferences.
Anchored by its new on-site operatory, PracticeWorks’ training program is aimed at teaching its students how to implement electronic capabilities to achieve a paperless workflow. This includes kiosk patient check-in, electronic remittance advice for claims, mobile practice-management, and electronic charting.

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