The Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige electric toothbrush reportedly senses patients’ brushing styles and adapts as they brush.

Royal Philips has launched the new Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige with SenseIQ technology. According to the company, the electric toothbrush is designed to provide an optimum, personalized cleaning experience by sensing patients’ brushing styles and adapting as they brush. The toothbrush reportedly features a premium all-in-one brush head and is packaged to deliver plaque removal, stain removal and gum care, so patients can clean without compromise every single day. 

SenseIQ technology reportedly senses, adapts and cares for teeth and gums, in efforts to offer a unique and personalized brushing experience. Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige uses sensors to detect the pressure applied, the cleaning motions patients use and the coverage they achieve—up to 100 times per second, says Royal Philips. The sensors are built to monitor how long and how often patients brush. 

Most people apply too much pressure while brushing, says the company. This is why the new Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige was designed to adjust intensity when patients push too hard.

According to the company, the premium all-in-one brush head is designed to brush away plaque, remove stains and care for gums without the need to switch brush heads and do guesswork on the modes. The angled bristles are designed to help remove up to 20x more plaque, providing flex to compensate for any excess pressure. According to Royal Philips, triangular tips can remove up to 100% more stains in less than 2 days, and the longer bristles provide a deep clean for gums that are up to 15x healthier. The company considers this product to be its all-time best brush head in the collection, helping its patients to achieve cleaner, whiter teeth and healthier gums with ease. 

The Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige works with the Philips Sonicare app, which uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time guidance on pressure, motion, position, duration and frequency of brushing. Progress reports by day, week, month and year are all available to the users, offering personalized recommendations and actionable steps for better brushing. Given that most people don’t bring the phone to the bathroom while brushing, this product has auto-syncing that keeps brushing data up-to-date.

The product comes in a compact travel case wrapped in soft-touch vegan leather. The case includes an integrated USB-C port and a USB charging cable to recharge the toothbrush without removing it from the case.