SmileDirectClub, the direct-to-consumer aligner company, is moving into the personal oral care product space with the roll out of its line of oral care products, sold exclusively at U.S.-based Walmart stores and

The company is launching the line with an electric toothbrush and bright on, a teeth whitening system that includes an LED light. 

The electric toothbrush is fabricated from metal and features a sonic vibration that, according to the company, moves the bristles, not the handle. It includes a 2-minute timer with quadrant timing. The design is roll-resistant and includes a 3-in-1 case that works as a counter stand, a mirror mount, and a travel-friendly cover. It is available in graphite and SmileDirectClub’s signature Blurple color. Brush replacement heads are also available. 

The bright on premium teeth whitening kit contains bright on whitening pens, featuring an enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists. The pens are applied for 5 minutes twice daily. The kit also includes a patented 20-LED accelerator light to help boost the power of the whitening gel. The hands-free, portable light is powered by any smartphone. One treatment (four pens) takes 1 week, with results that will last 6 months, according to the company. 

Later this quarter, the company will introduce three additional products with Walmart, including toothpaste in whitening and sensitivity varieties; a water flosser; and smile spa, an ultrasonic UV cleaner that sanitizes toothbrush heads, aligners, retainers, and dentures. 

In addition to this exclusive Walmart product collection, the company will be introducing two items available only at

The Club edition electric toothbrush is the same as the previously described toothbrush, but it will include a patented aligner-cleaning brush head in the base that can be swapped with the regular brush head. The soft, non-abrasive round brush head is designed to clean and remove debris from aligners and retainers. 

An exclusive electric toothbrush replacement head subscription will also be available on the company’s website. The service will provide a brush head and battery refill delivered every 3 months.